Stress Management Via Anger Control

If anger rises, stress also rises.If anger falls, stress also falls!

They are like identical twins, difficult to distinguish, harder to separate. If you deflate anger, it is as good as deflating stress.

Though there are many similarities between anger and stress, there is one major difference. Stress is accumulated in your mind, over a period of time. Anger is a spontaneous overflow of powerful ill feelings. Instant outburst! It arrives like a flash flood, and goes also quickly. If stress and anger both combine, the situation is comparable to an erupting volcano!

Stress is due to bundle of disturbed thoughts and circumstances and therefore has a reason or reasons. Anger does not have a justifiable reason as such. The issues you think that you can solve through anger can be better solved with a calm and controlled disposition.

There are many departments in management, the subject is becoming more and more specialized, but amongst all its branches, self management is the most important and difficult one. If you are perfect, your output is also likely to be perfect. From a disturbed state of mind, perfect results can not be expected.

Count 10 they say, when you are angry. It simply means, when you are angry, don't indulge in instant retaliation, whether physical or verbal. Give yourself some time to cool off. This deliberately given interval, is bound to help you recover from your devilish approach to issues.

When you are stressed and angry, metabolism that is going on within your body/mind, requires an alternative outlet, other than your clenched fists or the tongue itching for verbal slangs. Just move out from the anger junction and go for a walk. Talk to a set of different types of people. Do some light physical exercises. Take a shower. Your emotions need an outlet. Listen to music.

You know by experience, very well that your angry outbursts in the past, have not helped your cause. They might have caused you damage and increased your stress.

Temper is very valuable; do not lose it. Stress is junk; you can afford to lose it! Once you have controlled temper, the defenses of the fort of stress get weakened. It is much easy to tackle the weakened enemy. Sit down quietly, and begin the deep analysis of the stress. Take out the rotten stress petals one by one.

The process of self management in you, has begun!


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