Anger Management Taking Control Of Your Reactions

Anger management refers to the system of psychological techniques that help to manage uncontrollable anger and emotional reactions to unpleasant situations.

Learning to control your anger is not complicated once you apply a few basic principles and anger techniques. Just remember that it is much easier to learn to manage your anger than burying it deep down inside and not letting it out (so if you can bury it --- you can definitely control it!). We have some simple steps you should take to achieve your anger management goals.

Think about the following tips when you are angry and it may help you to deal with the situation more effectively.

• Learn to laugh at yourself - this can defuse a situation and can help you to get a grip on your emotions at the same time

• Don’t take things personally – the world doesn’t revolve around you!

• You can’t control other people so don’t even try.

• And along with that, you have to realize that you can’t control your surroundings either – you can only control yourself and your own reactions.

Problem solving skills are useful to identify the problem and generate alternative solutions by considering the consequences of each solution and selecting an effective and appropriate response.

Other strategies include:

• avoiding situations that make you angry

• changing environments

• focusing on something positive

• engaging in substitute positive activities

• and improving communication and social skills.

As mentioned above, humor can also be very useful, if it is constructive.

Just remember that expressing or releasing your anger is just as important as controlling it. Both skills are required, in balance, to keep you healthy.


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