How To Deal With Anger And Stress Management

That is because of all the emotions that may have evolved with man, anger is definitely one of the first. If you take into consideration the mammalian stock, you’d see that anger is one common manifest all animals including humans share. Among other basal sentiment are joy (in a limited sense) and fear.

It is perfectly understood then that this anger, evolved during a time where survival is vital and invaluable, is man’s primordial instinct to protect himself. This is called the “fight or flight” response of the human body, a sympathetic nervous response that had hardly evolved since prehistoric ages.

Our anger stimulates the “fight or flight” response of the human body. It primes us for action, by the release of the chemical Epinephrine. This chemical in turn initiates several functions: the accelerating of the heart and lung action to provide oxygen to the muscles of the body; which this action also slows down down blood flow on other areas like the brain and the digestive system. It stifles some blood vessels and pain receptors, in preparation for a fight, and dilates the eye, making it more sensitive but less focusing.

Anger does all these effects to your system, and you can imagine what would happen if this stimulation occurs frequently. Less blood enters the brain, over time it creates a brain gap that makes the person forgetful. The inhibition of several body functions, most especially in the digestive track can cause undernourishment, with the food passing down the digestive system still rich. Unused energy on the muscle, such as calories can become toxic thus aching the muscles. The inhibition of tear glands and salivation lowers the screening of germs and bacteria, thus heightening one’s susceptibility to diseases.

Since anger is a major source of stress, anger and stress management techniques had been developed for some time. The good thing about anger and stress management techniques is that they rarely require expensive treatment. Instead they usually consist of anger and stress management tips and techniques that you can apply on the way you live your life. Here are some of them.

Being Happy

When you’re happy, you rarely give in to rages and anger. That’s why one of the best anger and stress management techniques is that you must store happiness abundantly. So that in the even of stress and anger, these general well being will hold you well of this sentiment.

Practice Patience

Its hard really, so you should have plans of this. The key is AVOID. If there’s a less confrontational method, take it. Writing instead of confronting always works wonders, though you’d have to have a great deal of patience to effectively do this.


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