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Skateboarding and Surfing Two Cool Activities that are Worlds Apart

Skateboarding and surfing are two activities that can be equally fun and exciting. The two sports are based on very similar tools boards. However the similarity between the two pastimes ends there since skateboarding and surfing are very much different from each other. If you are not convinced, then you definitely have to read on.

Skateboarding and Surfing Defined

Skateboarding is basically the process of rolling or moving by riding on a skateboard. With surfing, on the other hand, a person also moves while riding a board, but the movement is induced by a breaking wave. So from the very definition of the two hobbies, you can already see that they are quite different from the other. First of all, one is performed on land, while the other is performed on the surface of a body of water. Next, the mechanics of movement in the two are very different as one uses wheels and the other uses waves.

Skateboarding can also be considered a means of transportation, apart from being a sport or a hobby. Many people, kids in particular, can travel using skateboards, especially for short distances. Meanwhile, surfing is not usually considered as a way for traveling as it is only thought of as a hobby and a sport. Even people living along shores cannot travel considerable distances using a surfboard.

History of Surfing and Skateboarding

Although the origin of surfing has not yet been established, the earliest record of surfing traces back to the 1770s when Captain Cook witness people in Hawaii riding boards on the waves. Skateboarding, on the other hand is a fairly new sport and thus its origins are still very much remembered. Skateboarding was invented around the 1950s, when surfing was also becoming popular in the western world. Some say that skateboarding evolved from surfing, which is probably why it was called sidewalk surfing during its infancy.

Surfing and Skateboarding in the form the people of today know, grew popular in parallel times. Their development can thus be thought of as simultaneous. However, the tradition of surfing is more deeply rooted due to the fact that it has been existing for centuries. Nevertheless both sports are continuing to grow in the coming years.

Equipment for Surfing and Skateboarding

As mentioned, the boards used for surfing and skateboarding are very different. Surfing uses surfboards, wave skis, surf mats, kneeboards, and body boards. Boards used for surfing originally used wood, and were thus quite heavy. Eventually, surfers looked for lightweight materials so that they can easily bring around their boards, which is more difficult considering that they do not have wheels. Most surfboards nowadays are made of polyurethane foam, which is quite sturdy but very light.

In skateboarding, skateboards are obviously used. The original skateboards were reminiscent to surfboards in the sense that they were not concave, albeit having wheels. Like surfboards, the old skateboards were made of wood, and eventually of plastic. Nowadays, most skateboards are made of composite fiber and their wheels are made of clay composite or polyurethane.

Surfing and skateboarding are obviously two different sports. However the most important commonality between the two apart from their histories is the fun and excitement the both can potentially bring and the likelihood for both of them to stay popular in the years to come.




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