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Jewelry has a long and interesting history in the human civilization and evolution. In the ancient times, the use of jewelry was used to symbolize the social and religious power of citizens that wore them. It was also used a means to store wealth, which is why special pieces of jewelry were passed on as heirlooms and used by some cultures as dowry or for transfer of wealth.

In some tribe cultures, jewelry were used to modify one's body. In some cases, neck rings were added slowly on a female's neck until the appendage grew to abnormal lengths and became dependent on the neck rings for support. The tribe's women did this as a status symbol as well as a decorative piece as females with longer necks were considered to be more beautiful than their short-necked counterparts.

Although the use and history of jewelry seem varied and diverse, the most common denominator in all of these is the fact that jewelry was used to express a certain message. Whether it was for beauty, power or status, jewelry were the easiest way to convey this. In these modern times, jewelry and its use has evolved along with the times, finding creative expression in today's body jewelry.

Body jewelry is no longer confined to traditional jewelry items like the usual earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. The term body jewelry now connotes any sort of decoration that can be adorned on the body and usually expressed through more than usual body piercings like belly rings, and the like. Nowadays, jewelry no longer needs to be made of precious materials. Modern body jewelry are often made of semi-precious or even non-precious materials.

Some body jewelry are made of plastics and other metals, but some are even just imitations of precious stones that can be individually glued to preferred body parts in patterns of choice. For instance, there are body jewelry kits available with suggested patterns to follow when adhering to the body. This of course is a temporary display and will either fall off eventually or come off when washed.

The nice thing about body jewelry is that absolutely anybody can wear them. Unlike in the olden ages where only a select few can officially wear jewelry, in this day and age, even children or individuals of any sex, age or race can opt to display these body jewelry. Body jewelry nowadays are used to express individuality in the way that they are worn. Some individuals go all out and radical in the way they use body jewelry. In some cases, being very blatant and "out there" in displaying body jewelry have become so popular, it can be coined as the norm rather than the exception.

For instance, it is customary for gangs and gang members to use body jewelry that is termed as "bling-bling" but since popular artists, rappers and pop singers have been displaying the same fashion, it has become part of pop culture. So instead of promoting exclusivity, it has become a fashion statement to adorn oneself with this particular type of body jewelry.

Whatever the case, it seems that body jewelry is here to stay. Perhaps it is this generation's way of saying, "out with the old" as they constantly challenge old tradition of how jewelry is worn and who can wear them.


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