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Since the beginning of civilization, jewelries and accessories were always part of a person's overall wardrobe. Jewelries and accessories —which come in different kinds, styles, sizes and colors—have evolved through the years. Today, more and more people were able to find different means of wearing jewelries and accessories, one of which is body jewelry.

Body jewelry refers to jewelries or accessories that you can wear in a specific part of your body. These include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, barbells, belly rings, belly waist chains, belts and buckles, bent barbells, rings, navel rings, nipple rings, nose rings, toe rings, tongue rings, lip rings, belly button rings, and body jewelry rings.

If you are into body jewelry or you are looking for body jewelries that you can use for your body piercings, online stores and shops are the best options for you.

Whether you are looking for jewelries to adorn your belly, tongue, nose, ears, fingers, nipples, or anywhere else on your body, body jewelries online can give you a lot of options. In fact, there are so many online stores that offer body jewelry today. Whether these are for body piercing or non-piercing, you have the chance to choose from a wide variety of body jewelry online.

Whatever it is that you prefer—whether these are jewelries that have stones, contains precious metal like gold, silver, platinum or titanium, made from unique materials such organic or wood, gothic, acrylic, or glass—you can find it in so many stores that offer body jewelry online.


But, before you shop for body jewelries online, you should decide first if you really want to use these especially if you have piercings. Here are some of the considerations you might want to contemplate on:

1. The cost of body piercings. If you are planning to pierce your navel, eyebrow, or tongue, the cost of this and the cost of the body jewelry should be a very big consideration for you. Online, there are estimated cost of body piercings and body jewelry. On the average, the cost of body piercings range from $25 to $50 depending on the area you have chosen to be pierced, the shop that will do the work and the body jewelry you have chosen.

2. The type of metal the body jewelry you will use. Experts suggest that you choose titanium or blackline body jewelry whenever you purchase body jewelry online because these are made up of pure metal. If you are going to use the body jewelry for your body piercing, it is recommended that you use these so your piercing will heal faster without the risk of having infection.

3. The type of body jewelry for an initial piercing. Most shop owners that sell body jewelry online recommend that you opt for B.C.R.'s, barbells or banana bars when you undergo initial piercing. This is because barbells or banana bars sit flatter against your body thus, lowering the risk of snagging the jewelry to aggravate the piercing. Always make sure that you discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the body jewelry you wish to use whenever you have body piecing.

4. The timeframe of healing. Make sure that you always opt for body jewelry that can help your pierce to heal faster. Try titanium or blackline which are popular body jewelries available online.

5. Be meticulous about the process of piercing, the place, and the body jewelry to be used. Before you finally indulge into body piercing, make sure that the piercing studio is clean and has an autoclave unit used to sterilize equipment and jewelry to be used.


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