Custom Body Jewelry

Making your own, not as easy as it sounds

Some people prefer making their own jewelry. By making their own, there are able to maintain a certain level of creativity and uniqueness on their designs.

One can rate custom made body jewelry from being exotic, unique, weird, shocking, extreme and even interesting. One benefit: one can brag about creating their own sets of rings, studs, etc.

In creating your own body jewelry set, it is important to choose your materials well. You won't like it if you create a masterpiece of design with maximum performance and great aesthetics but you fail to use the jewelry because it induces an allergic reaction when worn.

You need a strong, non-allergenic, non-corrosive material which you can use everyday. Thus, you really need the knowledge to guide you which material to be used for your body jewelry.

When looking at various materials, you should always consider the percentage of the nickel on the material to be used. It is nickel which causes the allergic reactions on people when wearing pierce earrings, rings, etc. Since nickel is not bio-compatible, once the metal touches the skin, it causes a lot of problems from mild itchiness to even severe irritations and infections.

Some materials that are low in nickel include sterling silver. However, even though it is silver part of its properties is made from a combination of alloys and metals, one of which is nickel.
Gold is another very valuable metal with very low concentration of nickel and when given to the hands of a jeweler it can be crafted into a great masterpiece. Just remember the bottom line: will the use of the materials cause irritations to the wearer.

There are materials that have better properties than silver and gold in terms of anti allergen properties. Among these materials include surgical stainless steel (SSS).

Even if it sounds foreign and scary, surgical stainless steel is perhaps the most popular metal used for body jewelry. Aside from its visible strength and almost flawless finish, SSS contains very little nickel which makes them ideal as body jewelry. Less reactions from the body, the more convenient the jewelry becomes.

If you have the money and could spare a lot, Niobium and titanium would be the best materials that one could use in their custom body jewelry. Niobium and titanium is non-reactive. Titanium alone contains less than .05% of nickel.

Moreover, one needs not to worry about damaging the jewelry made from Niobium and titanium, since scratches and dents from ordinary use are unheard off when it comes to these metals. They are very strong and hard. However, these last two materials are rather expensive and need some sophisticated equipment to be molded into jewelry of your type and design.

There are other ways where one can get customized body piercing jewelry. If one does not know how to make their own, they can always create original designs and ask experienced individuals or experts to make their drawings into real jewelry. This too could cost you a little fortune, but if you really need or have the urge to be unique then this is probably the best path that you can take.

Body jewelry is a means to express oneself. If you want to be the talk of the town, a head turner or a topic of conversation, then one of the best ways to get notice is have various body modifications conducted on your body and this including piercing. And if you really would like to stand out, then customizing your piercing jewelry is the next best step to take.


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