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Throughout the years, gold has always been considered one of the most precious and sought after metals. It has been the passion of a lot of treasure hunters and at the hearts of many who have lusted after the glint of riches that that particular metal can provide. Aside from being used as currency, it has been the primary metal used in jewelry dating perhaps farther than ancient Egypt.

While gold used to be used primarily as a status symbol that usually connoted power, you will find gold nowadays within the circuitry of your computer and other electronic gadgets because of its superior conduction power as well as its resistance to most chemical reactions.

However, the use of gold in jewelry has not stopped. In fact, more than in the usual traditional jewelry pieces, gold is now used in more modern and fashionable body jewelry. Body jewelry refers to the non-conventional body adornments that has become a large part of our pop culture. From large, ostentatious pieces of jewelry in the form of over sized pendants or large rings popularized by hip-hop artists called "bling bling"; to more deviant body piercing jewelry that adorns every conceivable and inconceivable part of the human body, body jewelry has become part and parcel of modern day fashion.

True to form, you will find very fashionable gold body jewelry available in the market to suit your needs and style. Gold body jewelry is more popular for "bling bling" articles than body piercing jewelry. This is probably due to the fact that for one thing, gold still remains a precious metal and therefore command a higher price than other types of metals used in these types of jewelry. More common and more affordable types of metals used in body jewelries are silver and stainless steel.

Another factor that may inhibit the use of gold in body jewelry may stem from the fact that gold has a very malleable property or state. This means that the higher the concentration of gold used, the more likely it is easier to be bent and deformed. This is especially unfortunate for body jewelry that will experience a lot of wear and tear as it is worn very close to the body and may snag or catch on the clothes one is wearing.

Luckily though, gold body jewelry need not be made of real gold. Gold body jewelry can be made of painted or plated metal to mimic the color and other properties of gold and this allows one to enjoy the look and feel of gold without the encumbering cost as well as the delicate property that it is known for.

Of course, these faux gold body jewelry items are not meant to maintain the look of gold for very long. Eventually, after much use, the faux gold body jewelry will begin to lose its luster and eventually tarnish. If it is a good quality faux gold body jewelry however, the fading and tarnishing will be gradual, and on some occasions, if the base metal that was painted was of a good quality, the metal will maintain a polished, albeit whiter or silver look.

Whatever the case, do go out and scout for great gold body jewelry finds in the market. Gold body jewelry compliments darker and warmer skin tones and is best to show off a nice tan.


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