Non Piercing Body Jewelry

Non-piercing is accessorizing too

There are a number of ways to accessorize or make a statement without undergoing the rather painful piercing of body parts such as ears, lips, nose and tongue. Body piercing has nowadays become more mainstream and is usually prevalent not only in women but in men as well.

Men started wearing pierced body jewelry during the hippie days and later during the gay revolution and now in the essence of the punk subculture. But, like what have mentioned before, there are ways to be "hip" and "cool" in our society without undergoing painful body modifications.

When you browse the internet, you'll find a lot of body jewelry available that are non-piercing. These pieces of body ornaments can be worn by simply applying pressure or suction, or through clipping, or by means of magnets. When worn correctly, they would usually pass as real piercing jewelry. There are already a number of non-piercing body jewelry that can be worn for any occasion and can add some character and style to your arm, belly, leg or foot, ears, lips, nose, etc.

Body piercing is a procedure that is quite risky especially if not attached or performed correctly. One such risk is the emergence of allergic reactions. The allergic reactions may be from the metal used, or from the ingredients of products used to clean the jewelry, or from other products used around the piercing such as soap and isopropyl alcohol.

Care should be taken when one with pierced jewelry go on swimming in pools. Chlorine from swimming pools can cause the skin around the pierced jewelry to dry out making it more at risk of being torn off. Other risks include bacterial infections, parasitic and protozoan infections, excess scar tissue, keloid formations, trauma, viral infections, and erosion of gums for lip and tongue piercing.

If you don't want to get into all those risks or if you're just incapable of having pierced jewelry because of your body's hypersensitive nature, the next best thing would be to use non-piercing jewelry. Non-pierced jewelry is not half bad. There are stores the sell magnetic studs which are designed to be worn anywhere on the nose, lips, and ears.

Some even use metals like sterling silver and 24K gold which make the jewelry more valuable and shows off more character. Magnetic studs often have thin washable backing magnets which can be easily placed behind the ear, inside the nose or between the lip and gum. The magnetic attraction between the magnet backing and the jewelry is strong enough to keep the latter in place giving the effect of a real piercing.

The spring action hoops are also popular non-piercing body jewelry. The spring action is designed to keep the jewelry on the nose, lip, ear or belly giving the appearance of wearing genuine nose rings, lip rings, earrings and belly rings.

Putting these on are not painful at all unlike having a needle struck through your lip in the place where the pierced body jewelry will be attached.

Some jewelry shops even sell the tongue ball which operates like a small suction cap. When pressed on the tongue, the tongue ball will hold to the surface of the tongue strongly and firmly.

Most of this non-piercing jewelry is washable thus one can use them over and over again. Also, most of the jewelry com in different designs and colors and has been designed with maximum comfort and performance in mind.


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