Silver Body Jewelry

Silver Body Jewelry

There was a time that the only jewelry worn by a person was on the ears, hair and neck. In other cultures like those in Africa, South America and in certain parts of Asia, women have this in other areas, which are better known to be body jewelry.

These days, the practice itself has also evolved into modern society. Men are catching up with the trend where women were once the only ones in the market. It is also considered to be more of a fashion statement rather than a ritual or part of the customs.

Body jewelry in the past was usually made of either gold or platinum. The price of these minerals has gone up through the years due to the rising demand so cheaper alternatives have been made. The customer can choose from a variety like glass, plastic, silver and titanium.

The body jewelry can become a little more glamorous by adding some stones to it. Some of the more expensive ones are diamonds, emeralds and sapphire so those who can't afford it will just have to get some knockoffs elsewhere.

The only way for this type of jewelry to stay on the body is by piercing it to the skin. Will it hurt? It depends where this will be placed but some claim that it is like getting the ear ready for a pair of earrings.

Most body jewelry stores offer this for free as part of the service. The people who work here guarantee that the materials used are sterilized to prevent infection. Those who want to it alone can buy the stuff and then just follow the instructions that come in the pack.

There are also some pieces of body jewelry that will not require piercing. Several customers prefer this to the latter for fear of allergies and infections. The accessory can be clipped on thanks to the magnet found in each accessory. Some examples of these are belly clips, nipple chains or shields and handcuff jewelry.

Studies reveal that the younger crowd purchases silver body jewelry more often. These are the people between the ages of 16 to 25 that are in senior year in high school to those in college.

It is cheap and affordable. There are even some for the naval area and the just below the nose that may seem unusual to those that are conservative but is considered to be the "in thing."

Silver unlike gold cannot be made to body jewelry or into any accessory on its own. This is because the composition of this mineral is too soft. The only way to make it is by mixing it with other alloys such as copper. This makes it both shiny and strong and can easily be cleaned using a simple cloth.

If the customer is tired of the designs seen in the store, some manufacturers can even have one custom made. This may cost a little more because of the hard work that will be put into it but this is all good when it comes to being above the rest.

Jewelry will never go out of style no matter how modern the world becomes. This is because even the smallest accessory can help the person stand out in the crowd even if it will be pierced or attached to the clothing using a magnet.


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