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How to Craft Camille Outfit
How to choose materials

Do you have Camille? Would you like to create an outfit for her, yet you have no clue where to start? If you answered yes then continue reading, since we are going to design Camille a fashionable suit.

To start you will need materials. You will need 40 inches of pink plain-woven, fine fabric made of linen and/or cotton. The fabric is needed to make Camille’s loose fitting pants that gather at the ankle, as well as her underskirt. Purchase 2 ¼ yards of soft lightweight, fabric with small prints and made up of wool. The material is used to create Camille’s cape and her dress. You will need 28 inches of material for the cape, such as stiff shining, silk lining. (Taffetas) Purchase 26-inches of entredeux and 6 ½ yards of brown lace edging. You will need some thin lace edges, (30 inches-2/5 inches) and matching poly-cotton DMC-4442 thread. The thread will match your plain-woven fabric, which you will need DMC-4446 (light brown) to coordinate with your soft, lightweight, pink fabric. To make a rose, purchase 3 ¼ yards of ribbon. You will need ¼-inch buttons, one/8 inch level elastic, and 3 ¼ yards of silky spherical cord to finish your rose.

Once you gather your materials, you will need to cut a fold at the front region of the bodice, and cut another two at the back. Next, cut the fold of the skirt front and two at the back. Cut two pantaloons, i.e. the wide pants that gather at the ankle. Once you cut out your patterns use the 50-point pale brown DMC cotton broder to stitch your lace.

Now that you have your materials, you can design Camille an outfit. For those who are not familiar with Camille we can briefly describe the doll in case you want to purchase her and create a dress later.

Camille is a gorgeous doll, which stands around 25 inches tall. Camille includes the collection edition, regency or the Victorian series. Jennifer Esteban is the original creator of Camille. Camille wears collected sleeves and folded skirt, as well as a taffeta cape. Camille also wears batiste underwear, which the lace is pale brown. The pantaloon and skirt extending from the petticoat is also laced with pale brown lace.

To make Camille’s dress you will need to start with her pants, or pantaloon. Once you complete the pantaloons, you can move to the undergarments. We can get started now on the project, yet you must find information to help you complete. Unfortunately, a single article cannot produce the length required to make up a complete outfit.

How to make Camille’s Pantaloons:
At the over-locker, begin French stitching the seams, collecting them at the back and front. Press and then turn the seams under the cover on your folded line. Press the garment again and create a minute size hem at the cover. Stitch a straight line at the cover. You want to leave space to thread from side to side your elastic. Around the edges of your crown, stitch in a straight line in the direction of your cover.

Now you can use starch, spray your fabric, and press once you finish. Cut two, 7 ½ inches length of lace and stitch a row at the edge of the legs near the bottom of the pantaloons. On the right area, press your lace so that it folds back. Perform a crisscross stitching pattern over the crown of your lace. Your stitches should entwine with both the lace and fabric. Near the crisscrossing stitches, cut the extras. Next, trim two, 7 ½ inches of your entredeux. Use your starch, spray, and then press. You will need to trim the ends that extend to the entredeux and the edges of your lace where it crisscrosses, meeting the other, and connecting it. Press and you can move to connect the seams of the legs to the crotch. Align and gather the legs and ankles by threading ribbon so that it goes through the entredeux.


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