How To Find Free Debt Consolidation Services

How to Find Free Debt Consolidation Services

There is no such thing as free debt consolidation services. To the contrary, the services that offer free debt consolidation have hidden fees and interest rates attached to their schemes in most instances. The lenders or debt services are sponsors of the exact same people who you owe money. Therefore, the services in most instances are paid by these creditors and are waiting to make extra money off the person suffering.

Debt is a cruel and vicious cycle; and in most cases, people are overcharged for products, services, and support. Many companies are out to make money, instead of helping people survive. I personally knew a company that charged four times the amount the product was purchased for; and this company continues to grow, leeching their customers' surplus everyday.

Therefore, if you are in debt, don't feel like you are a failure; rather get up and fight for your rights. Free debt consolidation service could mean free quotes, or else free first-time sessions with counselors. The services guaranteed will have a charge attached, unless you land with a company out to help people get back on track without burying them deeper in debt.

One of the better services for debt consolidation is United Way and its affiliates, which include a number of Credit Unions. Anyone affiliated with the government also will help in most instances without jacking you for more money. If the services are affiliated with the government, you better believe they will be towing the line, since the government's privacy is at stake. Therefore, if you need free debt consolidation services, seek out the companies that affiliate themselves with the government. And if you'd rather go directly to the source-the government-you can find more information about free debt consolidation on various government websites on the Internet.


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