Tips For War Emergency Preparation

Tips for War Emergency Preparation

During the height of the cold war, the government made various programs to prepare its citizens for a nuclear holocaust. This included making bomb shelters hundreds of feet from the ground as well as teaching children to stay under the table in the event of an attack.

In 1989, the Cold War ended and this is no longer considered as a threat. Unfortunately, after 9/11, America is facing a new enemy. It is no longer a country that has a vast army capable of invading another nation. This foe is now fighting a guerilla war by conducting terrorist attacks both here and abroad.

There has not been a major strike on US soil since 2001. The intelligence communities of various nations have foiled such attempts even though there have been attempts such as the plan to bomb transatlantic from the UK.

Can anything be done to prepare for the next world war? Preventing the next biggest conflict is difficult but not impossible. Thermonuclear is just one way an attack will be carried out but the use of chemical and biological weapons is a bigger threat.

Many people may perish but following some tips for war emergency preparation may ensure the person’s survival.

1. People go to the supermarket each week to replenish the food that was consumed. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a few extra canned goods every so often because it will not spoil until it is opened.

2. Aside from food, having an amply supply of drinkable water will prevent dehydration. Plastic jugs can be purchased from the supermarket but if it is unsafe to go out, the people will have to get this from the faucet. It will be a good idea to add a purification tablet and boil this first to make sure it is safe to drink.

3. Having a first aid kit is always useful to treat wounds. The individual should check that it is complete at all times because no one can tell when this will be needed.

4. If people have to evacuate, it will be a good idea to bring food, water, a few extra clothes, flashlight, compass, matches, candy and an identification card. Everything should be packed in a backpack so everyone can move quickly to the nearest evacuation center.

5. The last tip for war emergency preparation is to be familiar with the disaster plans that have been made the federal government and city. Some states already have contingency plans in place. This has been announced in the Internet and on television and if this should happen, people should stay calm and slowly evacuate.

The tips mentioned are not only useful in the event of war but also when faced with a hurricane, an earthquake or any other natural calamity. This is because people who want to live through the crisis will do anything to see another day.

When the first plane crashed into the world trade center, everyone first thought it was an accident. As the second plane hit, everyone knew it was something worse. There has not been a major conflict in over fifty years but it does not mean that people are safe. There are elements in the world that want to do harm and people have to be prepared for it.


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