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Having a Hidden Allergy Can Contribute to Making You Ill

One out of two individuals suffers from hidden food allergies, and this includes around 70% of chronically ill people. If you're one of those unfortunate people, what will you do?

Persons suffering from discomfort and unnecessary pain usually exhibit classic symptoms like weight gain, bloating, food cravings, irritable bowel, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, depression, chronic fatigue, bedwetting, hyperactivity, rhinitis, rashes and itches, eczema, sinus problems, asthma, mount ulcers, ear infections, migraines, and joint pains. If these symptoms happen frequently for no reason at all, then more or less you already have a food allergy. You can overcome most food intolerance and allergies, and if you want some help, you can purchase a book written by Patrick Holford and James Braly.

Their book is all about hidden food allergies. They explained the benefits if you exclude certain foods in your diet but only for a certain time. After a couple of months, you can eat the same kinds of food safely.

Holford is a well-known nutrition expert in Britain, and many of his books are international bestsellers. Braly on the hand is a medical researcher and is also top in his chosen field.

Both of the authors have also suffered form hidden food allergies, and that's what encouraged them to write such book. If you're constantly having the symptoms mentioned above, there is a great chance that you have intolerances and allergies. This can add to your troubles and are usually the major cause of your health problems. Unnecessary suffering is the least possible thing that any individual would want to experience.

Their book can serve as your guide as you go through a maze until you finally discover which kinds of food can make you sick or ill, and the right foods to consume instead. The book also contains remarkable scientific advances that can help you in identifying if you have a food allergy. The authors explain how people become intolerant, and they reveal underlying food allergy causes. The book teaches the reader how to get rid of the causes to reduce the potential of an allergic reaction.

One more thing that might catch your interest, the book can teach you in three months time about desensitizing yourself to certain types of food. If you can do this, you can now eat the kinds of food that you've been trying to avoid. People who have allergies for life can't use the method, but what the book offers is reduction in the symptom's severity by using drug-free and natural methods.

When you say allergies, most people would think of chemical allergies; but did you know that household products or environmental factors are nothing compared to the kinds of food that you usually eat? Yes, that's right. Food is the most common cause of your symptoms. Most individuals are unaware that they have the allergy that's why it's called hidden, and is yet to be discovered. Once you discover the types of food that your body is allergic to, you can avoid eating such foods and have other healthy choices of food items.

The book is for the entire family. It has several chapters that give useful information, score chart for your symptoms, and about gluten allergy. If you suspect any hidden food allergy, then you can purchase from your local bookstore or through online stores.

Hidden Food Allergies by Holford and Braly is quite affordable, besides, this is a good investment because you can learn a lot of things and perhaps this is also the answer to your health problems.




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