Cleaning Hardwood Floor

Properly Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Repairing and refinishing your hardwood floor can be quite a challenge, but with the right preventive measures and maintenance techniques, your hardwoord floor can stay as good as the first time you installed it even after several years.

Some of the best hardwood flooring, for instance, have withstood the test of time and stayed around for decades, even a century. If you take a look at old homes that still stand nowadays, you will see how their hardwood floors have stayed intact and stable through the years.

Thus, if we want to enjoy the full aesthetic and functional benefits of our hardwood floors, we should know how to properly take care of them so they don't easily succumb to wear. Because hardwood floors are organic and can potentially decay, cleaning them regularly is necessary.

There is a technique to the proper cleaning of hardwood floors. For one, you shouldn't use a damp rag to wipe it because the moisture might cause damage to your finishing. If your floor has just been waxed and coated with finish, you have no reason to worry about the water seeping into the woodwork. But if it has been a while since you've refinished your floor, then you should be careful to use only soft dry rags to polish it.

When sweeping, use only brooms with exploding bristles because they are the most effective in taking out grime and dust. The wrong broom might only have the dirt accummulate in the wrong places and lead to bigger headaches in the future. There are also cleaning fluids that are exclusive for use on hardwood floors. Don't experiment with other cleaning materials or you might be sorry.

If your hardwood floor has lots of burns and scratches, sanding the area lightly and then reapplying a coat of finish will make your floor as good as new again. If sticky chewing gum is your problem, then you should ice the deposit first until it becomes brittle enough to crumble off. For hardheaded gums, try pouring floor cleaner around it so it loosens up.

Hardwood floors last a lifetime and more if properly maintained and regularly cleaned. Thus, it is our responsibility to apply the right methods to ensure that they outlive us.


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