Distressed Hardwood Floor

How To Choose Distressed Hardwood Flooring

This might sound silly but there are actually people willing to pay to have a semblance of damage and wear on their hardwood floors. Just when we have been trying to figure out how to get rid of stains and scratches, there are some modern design enthusiasts who find pleasure and uniqueness in a distressed or scraped look.

Observing how the specially distressed hardwood floors turn out, perhaps they have reason to become fans of the method. Distressed hardwood floors, when done expertly, actually give a natural and earthy feel to the room -- a certain air that is absent with perfectly finished and polished hardwood floors.

Since you're still reading this article at this point, perhaps you are looking for tips on how to choose the right distressed material to become your hardwood floor. And you won't be disappointed. Here are some tips you should consider before deciding if such kind of flooring is for you.

Handmade versus machine made distressed wood

Obviously, anything that requires manual labor is more expensive than having it factory made. The higher price of handmade distressed hardwood flooring is anchored on the fact that apart from the labor, no two hand distressed floor planks are the same.

If you purchase a factory manufactured distressed wood, you are likely to see the same scrapings at another part of the floor. The variety of scrapings on factory made distressed floors is limited, whereas if done by hand, the designs are limitless.

When choosing a distressed hardwood floor, realize that distress connoisseurs can easily spot a fake. Thus, only venture into this kind of design if you have the budget to spare. For a single square foot of machine made distressed flooring, you should expect to spend $10 or more. Handmade ones fetch $15 and above for the same size.

Finally, just because it's distressed doesn't mean you can just scrape away. There is a technique to this project to achieve a tastefully done "damage". The most skilled hands will have your flooring turn itself into a great conversation piece at social gatherings and make your friends green with envy. But a poorly distressed floor will only invite mockery, and might even give the impression that you don't know how to take care of your home.


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