Finishing Hardwood Floor

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor

One of the most practical flooring and building materials is hardwood. It is sturdy enough to last decades and even centuries, with proper care, and it can give an otherwise dull living space an earthy and natural feel.

As time progresses, however, the protective coating of your hardwood floor will inevitably thin out, particularly in areas where there's a lot of foot traffic. When this happens, your best option is to reapply a new finish so that it lasts longer and it becomes a lot easier to clean and maintain.

Why should you refinish your hardwood floor? If your floor has been subjected to constant wear or has been hidden under the carpet for so long, you will need to apply proper maintenance techniques to preserve it.

You may attempt to do the refinishing yourself, but those who have had experience doing this will tell you that it's quite a challenging task. Refinishing your hardwood floor does not simply entail reapplying the translucent coat. You will first have to remove the previous finishing in order to properly and evenly recoat the floor.

Handling sanding equipment can also be a tedious job. Thus, if you're considering refinishing your hardwood floor, it's wise to just leave the dirty work to the professionals and experts on the field. This project requires time and effort, so if you attempt to do this yourself, you could be setting yourself up to headaches.

How do you determine if your hardwood floor needs refinishing? Test on an inconspicuous part of the flooring. Do so by pouring a little water on the surface.

If the water seeps in and creates a dark stain, then it's a sign that your coating has faded and you need to refinish soon. But if it forms small beads, then you have no reason to panic. Your floor coating is still intact. Do the same procedure at different parts of the house, especially areas that experience heavy traffic.

There are also a number of stains you can use to refinish your hardwood floor. But before you decide on which to get, test it first on a hidden part of your house. Remember that refinishing stains look darker when its fresh, but they lighten when they dry up. Also consider the kind of hardwood you have in your house because they react differently to stains.


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