How To Clean Hardwood Floor

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floor

It is easy to build a house using concrete and steel, but it is quite a challenge to do so using wood. You might wonder why this is so, when wood is, perhaps, one of the most common building materials there is around.

This is because, unlike concrete, wood is an exhaustible resource. Meaning, if nobody plants trees, then it's not likely that we will get any hardwood. And since most of our forest are starting to get depleted, then it is likely that the availability and cost of hardwood would continue to rise over time. Thus, our hardwood floors deserve the best treatment, if we are to expect longevity and stability from them.

So how do we clean our hardwood floors to ensure that they last long enough for the next generations to enjoy and benefit from? Here are some tips you might want to consider.

First, when cleaning your hardwood floor, make sure that you use a broom that explodes at the ends. A broom with too fine bristles won't trap the dirt and will only have it accumulate within the little cracks and creases.
Over time, this will damage your flooring and eventually cause wear. You won't be able to notice the changes until the damage becomes apparent. Surely this is something you want to avoid.

Second, do not use oil based soaps to clean your flooring. There are cleaning liquids made especially for hardwood floors that won't cause damage to their finish. Remember that a finish is what shields your hardwood floor from wear and spills, so must always check if the coat is still thick enough to serve its purpose.

Third, do not leave standing water or wet rags on your hardwood floor. If this is too late, you can choose to either sand the affected area or replace the plank where the damage has been done. But if the water has just been these for a short while and your finish is newly done, then you have nothing worry about. Just wipe the wet area with a soft dry rag and you're good to go.

Cleaning your hardwood floor requires diligence on your part, because, well, hardwood floors deserve to be maintained properly. They bring stability and sturdiness to your living space. The least you can do is to make sure it is cared for properly.


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