Repairing Hardwood Floor

How To Repair Damages On Your Hardwood Floor

Your hardwood floor, no matter how sturdy, is not spared from wear and tear. Over time, it will be at the mercy of water or ink spills, heel scratches, hardened gum, accumulated dust and grime, and other floor nuisances. But before you pick up the phone to call for professional assistance, know that there are certain minor damages that you can remedy yourself.

Here are some tips on how to repair damaged hardwood flooring.

1) Damage caused by stains

Water is the worst enemy of hardwood floors. A single stain can ruin the look of the entire surface and, often, the only way to effect the necessarily repairs to get rid of this eyesore is to refinish the whole floor.

However, you can still try to salvage the situation by focusing on the affected spot first. If it's not something you can remedy through sanding, then that's the time you search for replacement planks. But, hey, if you think the stain is what gives your floor character, then you really have nothing to fuss about.

2) Damage caused by scratches

Some people use putty sticks to fill in the scratches. Simply rub the stick over the affected spot and then wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth. More likely than not, any semblance of a scratch will disappear. This is a quick fix to a big problem and will save you from having to bring in the experts for such a minor job.

3) Damage beyond the power of minor repairs

Of course, there will be times where the damage becomes too much for simple repair techniques to handle. In this case, you will need to replace the hardwood board that has been destroyed. Again, there is no need to phone the specialists for this job because it is something you can manage yourself.

What you should do is take out the damaged board, get a new plank that's of the same size and lay it on. Now this seems very easy but it actually involves several processes to complete. But while there are several procedures, you will find that each step is easy to follow, even for someone who is a beginner at floor board replacements.

Your hardwood floor gives you more value than you think. Aside from its physical beauty, the fact that it withstands the test of time is enough reason for you to award it with the regular maintenance checks and care it deserves. And if the job can be done using only both your hands and your patience, then spending for professional help is impractical.


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