Guarantor And Equity Loans

Guarantor and Equity Loans

Guarantor on equity loans are for those borrowers who may have a negative credit rating. Since the borrower has damaging credit, the lender may ask the homebuyer to agree to a guarantor. In other words, you are agreeing to find a co-signer to back your claims that you can pay the equity loan as agreed.

If you need a co-signer, you must understand that if you fail to meet the payments, then the party co-signing with you must take over the payments. The co-signer has promised the lender that he will pay if you fail; therefore, make sure that you will hold up to your end if applying for equity loans
with co-signers.

Guarantors or co-signers are often immediate family members, or close friends. If the co-signer is needed, the lender will consider your income and the co-signer s income when factoring in the costs of the loan. Therefore, you will expect higher repayments and interest rates overall. Few lenders will take into consideration your circumstances and seek out lower mortgage repayments and interest rates on your behalf. This is not always the outcome, since many lenders are taking advantage of the less fortunate.

Note that if you apply for an equity loan with a co-signer, and this party is lacking income to cover the agreement, you are subject to rejection or at least a significant investigation to determine whetheror not your potential earnings will be high enough.

Advice to guarantors or co-signers: It is wise to get legal advice and accumulate all information when considering joining an applicant for an equity loan. If the party borrowing fails to make payments, you are responsible to repay the loan. Therefore, knowing your rights is essential, since if you take over the loan, you can gain the home, yet you will have to ask your friend or loved one to live the premises.


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