Hobby Perfume Venture

Turning A Hobby Into A Money Making Venture

Hobbies are considered to be one way of releasing tension from the body. The person will just have to choose one, enroll in a class and then learn everything there is to know so this can be done at home.

Perfume making is considered to be a hobby. This is because it is very easy to make as long as the ingredients are available. The shelf life may not be that long compared to those produced by various manufacturers but it is a start of something that could be turned into a business.

Here are two examples of perfumes that are easy to make. The first is called Falling Stars. The essential ingredients will be lavender, chamomile and valerian oil. Some vodka and distilled water should also be added to make it blend together.

The second example is called Enchanted. For this concoction, the individual will be using everlasting, peony and sandalwood oil. After mixing the three, vodka and distilled water must also be added into the mixture.

One perfume that teens and a lot of women love is called Misty Passions. For this fragrance, the person will be needing some passionflower, ylang-ylang and neroli oils. Just like the other two perfumes, vodka and distilled water are the last liquids needed that need to be mixed.

It takes time for the essential oils, the alcohol and the water to settle. This should ideally be placed in a sealed container and stored in a cool place so the contents will not evaporate into the air.

The settling time is 12 hours. Those who want to keep it longer can also do that because this will prolong the smell on the person. Before putting the liquid into a sprayer bottle, this should be filtered one last time so there won't be any foreign objects that will be getting into anyone's skin.

In the three perfumes mentioned, the individual will notice that there are always three essential oils used. This is because each one acts as top, middle and base note, which serve as the basic foundation of any fragrance.

The use of alcohol and water is important to be able to blend in the different smells that each oil has. Without it, the hobbyist will be unable to come up with the right formula that can sold to a customer.

The last part of making the perfume is the packaging. Presentation is always important so the person should look around for suppliers that can give the sprayer at a reasonable price.

Those starting out can have custom made stickers and then have this placed around the bottle. Those who have more capital can have a supplier come up with an original design to differentiate this product from others in the market.

When everything is ready, the hobbyist can rent a small stall in the mall of have someone sell it. There is also the possibility of offering these perfumes online since a lot of people transact business over the web.

It will take time to create brand awareness but when people spray on a sample and appreciate how it feels on the skin, the sales will start coming in. If business is doing well, the person may even quit the regular job to spend more time with this new endeavor.




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