Closer Look Perfume

Taking a Closer Look at Perfumes

If you are interested in making your own perfume for personal use or for a small business, it is first important to understand the difference in terminology. For instance, perfume and perfume oils are two different things. Our modern, store bought perfumes traces its beginnings to perfume oils.

Back in the olden times, perhaps as far back as ancient Egypt, perfume oils per given as special gifts to royalty. Now, with our mass market mentality and lifestyle, perfume oils have degraded down to what we know as perfume which we can buy at perfume counters in our favorite shops and department stores.

The basic difference between the two is in the strength and concentration of scent. Perfume oils are highly concentrated and will yield a purer fragrance that will last much longer than its modern counterpart. This makes perfume oils much more valuable and expensive than regular perfumes.

The reason why commercially available perfumes are not concentrated is because the perfume oils are mixed with alcohol to dilute the mixture. Some perfumes however use other body oils as carriers to maintain that long lasting fragrant effect. This particular information is important to note so that when you make your own perfume, you can be guided as to what type of substance would be preferable to mix with the perfume oil to be able to suit your needs.

For instance, if you will be using the perfume for personal consumption, you might not want to scrimp on yourself do away with carrier substances altogether. However, do take note that in some cases, individuals find that they develop allergic reactions to the high concentrations of essential oils so it is prudent to use just a little on your skin. After all, a little is all you need.

Perfume oils, because of its concentration and merits may fetch a higher price than regular perfume. If you are making your own perfume for a small business, you might decide to make the right blend of perfume oil and carrier substance without compromising too much purity of the perfume oil. This will help you gain an edge over other perfumes and aid you in making a profit.

When you make your own perfume, it is important to test your product first on a lot of different types of people using different types of formulations as control. You see, perfume oils and its perfume version may smell differently on the same person. As you know, scents react differently on different body chemistries so not one scent will smell exactly the same on different people. This part of the production procedure is important only if you intent to sell your own perfume commercially. Otherwise, it is quite easy to figure out the right scents for you personal use with a few personal tests.

Another things to test and experiment on, is the blend of different perfume oils to create unique fragrances. The right fragrance of course is the scent that's right for you. To find the right blend, you will have to do some experimenting. Once you get knowledgeable about the different properties and scents of the different perfume oils, you can easily figure out which types of scents go well together and produce a wonderful fragrance.

Last you will need to think of packaging. Whether the perfume will be for personal or commercial use, you need to make sure to use the right packaging that won't compromise your product.




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