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Make Your Own Scentillating Perfume

Making your own perfume is not about being frugal. It is about taking control of what scent you put on by creating a fragrance that is uniquely suited to your body chemistry, mood and taste. Aside from making your own perfume for personal use, you can also decide to make your own perfume for a small business or as a novel and useful present for your friends and loved ones.

Like any craft, the basics of making your own perfume are easy and the whole process is fun. You don't have to wait till you're done to share the fun. You can opt to make your own perfume by yourself or make it a fun group activity for everyone to enjoy.

The actual perfume making will start after you have gathered the ingredients and materials you will need to make your fragrance. To find out what these are, you will have to consult a perfume recipe.

Unfortunately, there are so many perfume recipes to choose from if you just search on line. Don't worry, these perfume recipes for making your own perfume are free and truly simple and easy. The hard part will be deciding which perfume recipe to try. To help you decide on the right perfume recipe to try making your own perfume from, perhaps you should ask yourself what type of perfume you would like to make.

There are different types of perfumes. There are perfume oils, eau de cologne, body sprays and such. What will help you decide here will be to determine who will be the end user of this perfume you are about to make. If it is for your personal use then you decide what it is that you prefer.

It is a gift for someone, then try to decide what they would like best. If you are making your own perfume as a fun group activity, then you will have to get a consensus within the group about what they would like to produce.

The next thing to consider is what type of smell you would like your end product to smell like. As you well know there are different types of scents. You should be guided by the preference of scents of the person who will be using the product.

After you have answered those questions, you will start to get a more concrete idea of what type of perfume recipe you will want to try out. If you're feeling confident, you can experiment and enhance the available online perfume recipes with other scents and ingredients you think will work well together. The more you work on making your own perfume, the better you get at it because you gain the confidence to experiment and go beyond just following a recipe.

Experimenting will allow you to really personalize your fragrances as well as discover really wonderful blends. Don't forget to check and test the perfume on your skin because it smells different when sniffed from a container. The perfume will react to your body chemistry and give off a unique scent, which will help you decide on how to adjust your recipe to suit your body better.

After you have created your perfume, remember to store it properly. If you are giving it away, you will want to make the packaging nice for a good presentation. However, do not forget that perfume is sensitive to heat, light and oxygen so that you should be guided accordingly.




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