Making Your Own Cologne Perfume

Making Your Own Cologne

Perfumes have been around for many years. What people tend to forget is that there are different types of these that are being sold in the market. The really basic ones are known as body splash while those that last a little longer on the skin are the Eau De Cologne and the Eau de Toilette.

The Eau de Cologne is considered to be a light perfume. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer this but those who donít want to spend that much cash can settle for some home made concoctions. Here are some examples.

The first is called Lemon Spirit. The ingredients are composed of lemon grass, lavender and lime essentials. After these are mixed together with some vodka and shaken well, the mixture should be stored for three weeks.

When the time has passed, the bottle should be brought out and at least a cup of distilled water should be added to the cologne and then kept again for another week. This should also be shaken daily and then transferred into a bottle for immediate use.

Another example of an Eau De Cologne is Peace. The only difference between this and other recipes are the essential oils that are used. For this mixture, the person will need Bergamot, Cedar wood and Frankincense.

After the oils are mixed, distilled water and vodka are added next. This should be stored for more than a month, which is much longer than the other types of perfume for everything to settle before this can be distributed and used.

The process of making colognes is not that different compared to body splashes and Eau de Toilettes. This is because it still needs the three basic notes namely base, middle and top note to put everything together and then requires some volume of alcohol and water to help it blend.

The finished product should be placed in a closed container so the contents do not evaporate.

There are other recipes of Eau De Colognes aside from the two mentioned. By doing some research and with a little practice, the hobbyist will be able to learn everything. Those who are bold enough may even attempt creating one that could be very saleable in the market.

Those who would like to go into business should think about pricing and packaging. It will be a good idea to compute the cost of the materials to determine how much markup can be made.

When this is finished, the person can either offer this to someone who will act as a distributor or sell it straight to the consumer. Those who have capital can rent some space while those who are still starting out can try this online.

Succeeding in the perfume industry will not happen overnight. This is because a lot of companies have been doing this for years so it will take some time to establish the name. The best thing to do is to find out which are the saleable ones and then produce it. A certain portion of the budget should also go into research and development because an entrepreneur cannot always rely on recipes from a book.

The only way for it to stand out is to create new ones so this will be different from the other products also being offered in the market.




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