Making Your Own Perfume Line

Making Your Own Perfume Line

When people get into business, the first thing the product must do is fill a need. If there is demand for it, this is the time the entrepreneur has to worry about the production, packaging and the marketing.

Getting into the perfume business is the same thing. The good news is, there is a demand so the challenge will be making people aware that there is a perfume line that exists.

There are two options for this to work. The entrepreneur may decide to distribute it to a retailer who will mark up the price so both parties are able to make some money. This begins by writing letter to various companies who may like to carry it.

It is also possible to ask from the supplier the names of other companies that are also getting the same ingredients. This is considered to be a faster way of getting the foot in the door and if the product is good, then there won't be any problems.

However, in some cases, the one reviewing it will say no because this could take away the profit from the existing brands.

The entrepreneur may also be short changed if this is offered at this amount and then the distributor will sell it at two or three times the price.

This brings the second option and it involves selling it directly to the consumer. Some people may not have enough to put up a cart in the mall. The best thing to do will be to give some free samples to friends and sell this via the web.

In both options, the most important thing is pricing. No business in history is able to recover the investment overnight. This takes time and some project a break-even point after 6 months or one year.

The first step in this process will be to learn how to make the perfume. This is just like playing with a chemistry set at home and the only way to make it work is by being familiar with the various ingredients.

The perfume will not last that long without the three types of notes namely, the base, top and middle note. This will then be blended with a bridge note and ethyl alcohol but since this is banned in some countries, the better alternative is vodka.

Those who donít like chemistry that much can do what some celebrities like JLO have done. That is to hire a chemist who will come up with various prototypes and then approve which one should be made in vast quantities.

The key to distinguish one brand from the other is in the name. It must be catchy and easy for the customer to remember so it will not be that difficult to buy it again when it runs out.

Some detail must also be given to the packaging. The person can choose to use plastic bottles or have a design made by a supplier. Some entrepreneurs still put this in a box while others sell it as it.

Making perfumes won't be easy. It will take some time to figure out the right mix but those who are able to persevere may be able to reap the rewards when the right fragrance has been developed for the market.




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