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Perfumes DIY

Who says good quality perfumes has to be store bought? The truth is you can make your own perfume and have fun in the process. More than fun however, making your own perfume allows you to create unique scents that are just right for you. Furthermore, you have control over what goes into your perfume so if you won't have to contend with the harshly unnatural ingredients that may be present in commercially available perfumes that you can get at the department store.

The process of getting started in making your own perfume is quite simple. If you are not all versed in the production of perfume, don't worry because you don't have to be. To get you started, you can browse online on the many free perfume recipes on the Net to help you make your own perfume. Choosing the right perfume recipe to follow will depend on what type of scent you want to create.

If you are worried about not being able to predict how a perfume recipe will turn out based simply by looking at the ingredients, don't worry. Most perfume recipes online will give a brief description of the type of fragrance you can expect from a given recipe. Although, at the end of the day, you will really have to get your hands dirty and actually try out a recipe to be able to experience for yourself how it will turn out.

Remember also that you will need to try out the perfume on your skin because it will certainly smell different as you sniff it from the container and as you allow it to react to your body chemistry through your skin.

To help you further, below are various free perfume recipes from Don't be afraid to try it out and make your own adjustments in the recipes so that the fragrances produced will suit your preferences better. Perfume Recipe 101 You can't go wrong with this one. This is easy, simple and you have complete control over the types of fragrances you will be using. This is a good way to start your self on making your own perfume.

You will need two cups of distilled water and one cup of fresh chopped flower blossoms of your choice. You can opt to choose just one type of flower blossoms or mix several kinds that you feel will blend well together. After you have chosen your scents and have your ingredients with you, get a bowl and place a cheese cloth inside it. Make sure that the edges of the cloth hang over the outside of the bowl. Pour in your flower blossoms followed by the water. Cover your bowl and leave it like that overnight.

On the next day, pull out the cheesecloth by the edges and squeeze the fragrant water into a pot for heating. Simmer the liquid until only around a teaspoon is left. Store this then in a small dark bottle that you must keep tightly closed when not used. Make sure also that you store this away from light and heat.

Want a fragrant perfume that's sure to inspire your dreams? Try this celestial blend of soothing flower scents that will relax and inspire you. Ingredients: * 2 cups distilled water * 3 tablespoons vodka * 5 drops lavender essential/fragrance oil * 10 drops chamomile essential/fragrance oil * 10 drops valerian essential oil

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together and shake well. Place in a dark color bottle. Then allow the perfume to settle for at least 12 hours. Store in a cool dry area.




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