Teens Can Also Make Money From Selling Perfumes

Teens Can Also Make Money From selling Perfumes

Everyone wants to feel and smell good. Living a healthy lifestyle can attain the first one. The second will require proper hygiene and finding the right perfume that gives out a good scent.

Adults can afford to buy expensive things because of the paycheck that comes at the end of the month. Teens on the other hand only live on allowance. If the person has found the right scent but is too expensive and mom or dad won't pay for it, perhaps it is time to make one even if it is just a body spray.

There are two ways to do this. The first will be to get some of these materials from the grocery making it all natural or going into a specialty store in getting it in bottled form.

In the first option, the person can cut the lemon and the cucumber on a chopping board and then squeeze out the juices. This should then be mixed with a teaspoon of witch hazel oil together with a cup of water.

The second option will simply be mixing 1 tablespoon of witch hazel, a teaspoon of the two other oils and a cup of water. When these are mixed together, the formula must be stored in a sealed container for about a week.

A week later, everything should be filtered using a strainer so that only the liquid will be poured into the pump spray bottle.

The teen may like it the scent but others will not appreciate it. The only way to find out is by spraying this and asking the comments of some friends. If these people like it, the person should make a few samples to test a larger market.

This could be worth a lot of money so even before it hits a larger market, it is best to outsource the ingredients and materials from various suppliers. This will help the teen price the product that should be within the purchasing power of other students.

The friends who claimed to have liked it may have lied a bit so one's feelings won't be hurt. The moment of truth will come when this is sprayed in school so classmates may give feedback about it.

If more people want it, the teen can begin selling it. There must always be sufficient stock available so students will not look elsewhere to get a product that is similar to it.

Before going to school, the teen should spray it on the body and then put it in the bag. If other girls notice the fragrance and like it, the teen will have to make a bigger batch to cater to the demands of the student body.

The teen should not be content with the success of the first product. This is because students will eventually grow tired of it so it. The best thing to do is read up on books and search the web to come out with new fragrances.

The person should anticipate that some of the products will sell while others won't. This should not be seen as a setback but rather a lesson so the individual who is still at a young age may focus on the core and at the same time tries out new variations.




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