Internet Poker

Issues and Dangers of Internet Poker

Just like any good and bad things, there are issues and dangers that are linked with Internet poker. Gambling is a risk but playing Internet poker or any other form of gambling online makes the risk riskier. It would not hurt for you to know all these entirely first before playing any of these games online

The first one is centered on financial aspect. One sad probability with Internet poker is that a player might not get his winnings. There is no guarantee that you will get your money when you make a request for withdrawal. Most bigger Internet poker sites can give you your winnings such as Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet, Paradise Poker and Party Poker which are the biggest Internet Poker sites. It is oftentimes the smaller ones, often associated with online casinos are the worst offenders in all Internet poker sites. Many stories of actual players who have been victimized circulate in the Internet and it is best to take note of the names of these sites before you start playing Internet poker

In order to avoid situations like these, try to play in more established and bigger Internet poker rooms. This does not mean that all smaller and newer Internet poker rooms are not reliable. Some are but more often than not, these sites have high probabilities of suffering from bank runs.

The second danger is the shuffling. All Internet pokers should be aware that the randomness of the shuffler is very important. This is usually determined by the algorithm designed for the poker game and which is stored in the poker server. Internet poker sites who want to assure their customers that their shuffle and their practices are fair usually do the following: publish their shuffle algorithm also known as the random number generator, have independent auditing of the algorithm and third, obtain license from regulatory commission.

In order to show how good their shufflers are, Internet poker sites publish the algorithm of their shuffle in their websites available for study and perusal of interested persons. Aside from this, Internet poker sited undergo independent auditing. This is done by independent auditing companies to inspect source codes and the servers of Internet poker sites and are done in surprise inspections. The third method Internet poker sites do is to obtain licenses from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, a regulatory agency which requires Internet poker sites to comply with regulations so that they can get their license and maintain this to avoid it from being stripped.

The third danger you have to consider when playing in an Internet poker site is security. This danger is not only limited to the external danger from Internet hackers who can get information from players who enter and who can manipulate the result of the game but from the greater internal danger from the people inside the business who are tasked to handle the information and money.

An employee working for an online poker site can easily access player information and their credit cards numbers and he can use these to gain access or sell these. Insiders also have greater opportunities in eavesdropping on the players' actions and could use and sell this information so that other players can cheat.

The fourth danger is addiction to Internet poker. It has been proven that some people do get addicted with Internet poker. Even if the action is virtual, much of the thrill and excitement is the same as being in a "physical" game. If you are prone to gambling addictions, it is best to stay away from Internet poker.


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