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Players who play Internet poker games are no strangers to Pacific Poker, an online poker room supported by Casino On Net, the biggest online casino.

Some of Pacific Poker's features include 24-hour customer support for its clients. Players can choose the poker room that can fit their skills and their budgets. Aside from this, Pacific Poker clients all over the world are assured that they are playing against real people.

Pacific Poker offers download or no-download poker game software to its clients such that a player has a free option on this. This software is guaranteed to make navigation easy and includes a feature that saves the "seats" of players disconnected from their dial up connection while playing the game.

Aside from all of these, Pacific Poker offers online poker tournaments each day where players can participate. Players can also choose low or high limit games in their monthly free roll tournaments. Promotions such as free rolls and money added are also some of what Pacific Poker offers to their clients.

Should a player wins in any of Pacific Poker's games, Pacific Poker allows the winner (from any country) to choose the form of payment he wants this to be received.

Some of the popular poker games that can be found in the Pacific Poker website are Texas Holdem, Omaha High Low, Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold Em and 7-Card Stud.

The most popular game in the Pacific Poker room and in the world of online poker is the Texas Holdem game. A maximum of 10 players can play this game of the standard 52-deck card. Each player is given an equal chance of handing cards with the use of a dealer button. In Texas Holdem Poker Games, the player who assembles the best five-card hand, out of the seven possible wins the pot.

Another game that can be found in Pacific Poker is the Omaha High Low game. This game is a form of Texas Holdem. It is a bit different from the latter with the move prior to the flop. The initial starting hand is composed of four hole cards dealt face down. Aside from this, 5 board cards are dealt face up in the center of the table and are considered as community cards. Most of the time, players who are used with Texas Holdem get confused with some of the rules in Omaha High Low which are reverse to some of the rules in the former. But once they get past this stage, they can already enjoy playing. Pacific Poker's Omaha High Low is usually described as an exciting game and has bigger pot money for players to win.

The third game that can be found in Pacific Poker is the Seven Card Stud Poker Game. There are five betting rounds for each game of this and a maximum of 8 players can play this game. The game starts with the dealer dealing 2 cards face down, four cards face up and the last card - the final one - face down for each online player starting with the one seated on the left of the dealer.

The winner in Seven Card Stud Poker Game in Pacific Poker is the one who gets the best five of the seven cards dealt. He has the best hand and gets to win the pot.

The fourth online poker game in Pacific Poker is Texas Hold Em. It is played with the standard 52-deck card and 2 up to a maximum of 11 players can play it. It is one of the most popular poker games in the world and is usually portrayed in television shows and movies. World Poker Tour and World Series Poker are some of the tournaments devoted for it.

Texas Hold Em is played in Pacific Poker starts with the players dealing their two hole cards faced down. This is done by each player starting with the one seated on the left of the button. The player, who can make the best-ranked five cards using the community cards with his hole cards, wins the game.

The fifth and last game found in Pacific Poker is the 7-Card Stud game. It is a game where players have one or more face up cards. It is described as the most played poker in public card rooms. This has three versions that can be played in Pacific Poker. These are High, Low and High-Low Split games. In 7 Card Stud Low, the player who obtains the lowest hand wins the pot while one with the highest hand wins in the 7 Card Stud High. In 7-Card Stud High-Low Split, if no one among the players qualifies for the low, the entire pot is given to the high hand.


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