How To Get Your Dream Washboard Abs

How To Get Your Dream Washboard Abs

Most experts and training gurus will tell you it's not hard. If you put in the time the results will follow. If you do EXACTLY what they tell you youll have your washboard abs in no time.

So what happens when you dont get results? When you don't get that 6 pack you wanted? When you're stuck with the beer belly you desperately wanted to get rid of?

Nothing at all, they make up excuses saying you didn't follow the program properly, you screwed up, you did this, you did that&..Nothing ever points back to them.

Well I'll tell you what it takes to get your washboard abs. It's a formula I made up that integrates one key ingredient 90% of the fitness world forgets.

Work Ethic + Commitment + Knowledge = Results

Knowledge is the key to this formula. I want to share something with you that will increase your knowledge on how to get your washboard abs.

It's called segmentation. Online marketers know what I'm talking about. But how does this relate to fitness? Well it's perfectly legit. Any smart fitness pro knows that when you build a muscle group, you NEED to build all the muscles around that group in order for your results to really show. Sure, you can focus solely on that one group and might be able to push more or lift heavier after a few weeks, but your body won't look any different.

Why is this?

It is pretty simple. Your body likes being balanced. Your chest won't get bigger unless you work out the upper, lower, center and even your shoulders contribute to its bulk. It has a capacity as to how much it can expand in relation to its counterparts.

So what does this have to do with abs?

Well just like any other muscle group the abs needs to be segmented. You have the upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and lower back that all contribute, in sync, to provide you with washboard ripping abs.

So know that you know you have to workout all the parts of your abs, how do you go about this?

Like I said before, segmentation. You need to break your routine up; each group should be worked out on a separate day. Upper abs one day, obliques the next, and then lower abs (lower back can be worked out with the back). If you're thinking you can simply work out all of them in one day, you're completely wrong; just like 90% of the other fitness people. Sure, that might work to get rid of some fat and trim your stomach a bit. The problem with this is effectiveness. Your core is the epicentre of your fitness life, and if you work out all direct groups related to your core on the same day; well & you're not really working out any at all. Your exercises will be too broad and won't target each specific group well enough. For an example, if you work out every ab muscle group on Monday realistically you probably wont get to them again until Thursday, nonetheless your workout will only be semi-targeted, not super-targeted! But, if you segment your routine like I stated above, you can work out a different part of your abs every time you work out.

Not only will you be getting more ab exercises in throughout the week, your ab routine will be extremely targeted (another pun for you internet marketers!), which is exactly what you want!

So the secret is segmentation. Any fitness trainer who tells you to work your abs 2X a week is full of it. You need to constantly be nagging at them to get the true washboard abs!

Article By Daniel

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