Lower Abs Workout

Lower Abs Workout

Most people looking to reduce their abs spend countless hours doing crunches or spend money on unnecessary abs machines, hoping to see the fat on their waist disappearing. But sadly, none of these things are effective in giving you a proper lower abs workout. To notice any changes in your midsection, you should spend time to learn a proper lower abs workout that cannot be solely obtained by crunches, or fancy but useless “Abs-pumping” exercises and machines. A good lower abs workout should include proven but real exercises that target your midsection and help in melting away the excess fat. These are some of the most efficient lower abs workout used by strength trainers for a long time.

Start your lower abs workout by proper stretching. This helps in loosening and warming the muscles to prepare for the workout. Begin by lying flat on the floor with your hands next to you. Lift your arms and hands in so that they are immediately below your chest, just as in “push-up” pose. Force up from the ground lifting your waist with legs pressed firmly to the ground. Extend your legs, throw your head back, curve your spine, and hold the stretch for nearly 10 seconds, performing the required number of repetitions. It is an excellent stretch to target your midsection and ensure you don’t suffer from any cramps while performing your lower abs workout. Repeat this stretch once you have completed your exercises, to pull and lengthen your abs muscles. This will even out your abs and avoid giving that “scrunched up” look that is obtained while training the abs.

The first exercise involved in the lower abs workout is the reverse curl. To perform a reverse curl, begin by sitting on an inclined board or bench. Lie face up on the board with your upper half torso lifted. Now hold the sides of the boards or the feet hooks near your head for support. Bring in your legs by flexing your hips and bending your knees in near your shoulders. Carry on in one smooth motion till your hips leave the board, then release slowly to allow your legs and hips to revert to their original position. It is it essential that you concentrate on your lower abs and your hips in this workout to perform the maximum work involved in raising your body weight upwards. To increase resistance you can raise the angle or tie some small weights to your ankles.

V-sit is another exercise involved in the lower abs workout. To perform a v-sit, begin by lying face up, flat on the floor. Keep your hands facing downwards, completely flat and relax all the muscles. Begin the exercise by lifting your knees and your torso simultaneously till your hips and knees are flexed and your thighs are near or in contact with your chest. Remain in this pose for nearly a second, then release and lower your torso and legs back to the floor from where you commenced. To increase difficulty in this lower abs workout, avoid keeping your torso and legs on the floor in between repetitions. Rather keep your torso and legs nearly an inch above the floor, all throughout.

When performing any of these exercises it is essential to remember 2 things.

Consistency is the first key to get results. So once you have a lower abs workout that is efficient for you, stay with it.

Another thing is avoid overdoing anything. Take one day off in between your lower abs workout if they are sore after the previous one. This gives them time to remove the fat, break down, and rebuild stronger than they were previously. When choosing repetitions for the exercises, limit then to about 10 repetitions per set, and do 3 sets per exercise. You can change this slightly as you improve.

Article By Paull Krish

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