The No Crunch Female Abs Routine

The No Crunch Female Abs Routine

Are you obsessed with your female abs? You hit the gym to workout your belly but end up doing your arms. You find yourself using every excuse in the books not to do your abs routine. If this sounds like you rest assured you are not alone.

Truth is the biggest complaint women have about abdominal training is that they hate doing crunches. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fun and effective way you could blast your female abs. One that you could actually look forward to doing. One that is specially design for women and that can transform your entire mid-section without so much as doing one stomach crunch

There is a way, the no crunch female abs routine way. Did you know that there are many abdominal exercises that you can do standing up or even sitting down that do not involve curling the spine like crunches do.

Studies using an EMG machine showed that a lot of these exercises are actually more effective than the crunch because they activate more muscles during the movement. This only makes sense as the abdominal muscles main function is to keep the spine straight and stabilized not to flex it.

Some of these movements fall under the isometric exercises which means the muscles are contracted but are not moving. A good example of an isometric exercise is one you can do sitting at your desk or driving in your car. First, sit up with your spine straight then simply suck in your belly button like you are trying to touch your spine. Keep your abs tight and hold for 10 seconds then release, rest for 30 seconds and repeat. Remember to breath during the contracting.

Some use a twisting or swinging motion which is great for activating the often forgotten obliques. These are the muscles you have located on each side of your torso, affectionately called those nasty love handles.

These female abs exercises actually allow you to work the muscles continuously by keeping tension on the muscles between 10 seconds and up to 60 seconds. This builds endurance which in turn can reduce lower back pain and injury.

This might be the exact thing you need to keep you motivated to train more often and finally get the six pack female abs you want.

Article By Charles Boisvert

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