Truth About Abs

Truth About Abs

There are are certain biological truths that one needs to know about before being able to critique any fat loss product:

* the aim must be to heal or speed up a damaged metabolism
* a good *wholesome* diet is important
* a solid exercise plan is essential
* any extreme diet will eventually fail
* traditional (long & slow) cardio is not optimal, and is even counterproductive
* weight training is better than cardio since it builds muscle, which raises the metabolism
* supplementation is not the holy grail - whole food is better
* fruit is not nature's junk food

OK, with that out of the way, we can look at the system using those criteria.

Well, let me say upfront: Mike's "The Truth About six pack abs" brings together all the most powerful current knowledge about fat loss (and boosting metabolism) in one package. I'm not going to beat around the bush here. The system works. And very well. But, is it for everyone? That's hard to say. I'm hoping to give enough information here that will allow you to decide whether its right for *you*.

In a nutshell, Truth About six pack abs:

- shows you what's really going to get you lean
- is usable by anyone
- focuses on concepts and not prescriptions
- provides options with and without equipment
- guarantees results (or moneyback)

So lets dig a bit deeper. One needs that to make a decision. I'll run through what's in the book, in more or less the order Mike presents it. I'll outline the 'WHAT', and leave "Truth About six pack abs" to give details of the 'HOW'.

Lower bodyfat percentage

Mike starts out by stressing that bodyfat reduction and ab development are both important if you want to get that six pack abs and overall lean body. Getting to a low enough bodyfat % to be able to see the ab muscles clearly enough is much more important than developing the muscles themselves. Its common sense, but most people are just concerned with losing weight. Your aim should be to lose *fat* and spare muscle.

Ab training

Ab training is not as important as most people think. It is important to have a strong core, but working your abs for even hours on end is just a waste of time. Nevertheless, Mike knows that strong abs have benefits, and deals with it accordingly.

The main criteria for choosing ab exercises is 1) does it work and 2) is it safe. Ab training should focus on function and therefore both the 'six pack' and the hip flexors should be trained. Most importantly, for safety, Mike tells you how proper body positioning is critical to prevent hurting your lower back.

Crunches are only OK for beginners, and tons of safe advanced exercises are provided for when you become more advanced, which you will - quickly. (By the way - that cheap ab wheel thingy actually does work, according to Mike).

This section of the book made it very clear to me that Mike has his priorities in order.'Ab work' only takes 5-7 minutes per given day, and only twice per week! That covers the ab training component of the book. Yes, that's all! To be honest, its really a minor part of the system.

Truth About Six Pack Abs presents the real secret next, and in much more detail than I have seen in other systems.

How to SUPERCHARGE your metabolism

In order to lose bodyfat and keep it off, the resting metabolic rate (RMR) must be raised, since it burns 60-70% of daily calories. Calorie requirements are calculated from RMR. Since muscle tissue directly affects the metabolism, resistance training forms a big part of the system. Extreme dieting and cardio exercise is avoided for the same reason.

I never did well with very low calorie diets, and I hate long boring cardio routines. Finding out that neither are even good ideas was very cool and got me quite fired up about trying the program!

Increasing RMR through exercise

Since weight training builds muscle, it is a priority in this system. Free weights are favored over machines and compound movements are chosen over isolation exercises. Full body workouts burn more calories during as well as after the actual session. Mike starts introducing the idea of optimizing the workout:time ratio here - its the book's biggest secret, in my opinion.

A 'Better' cardio

Long cardio is boring and does little for RMR. Worse still is that it can cause muscle loss and lower RMR (you can weigh less, but still be more fat percentage wise, i.e. 'skinny fat'). Truth About Six Pack Abs therefore favors short, intense cardio is much better. This was just what the doctor ordered for me. I hate traditional cardio!

Workout frequency/duration

Truth About Six Pack Abs requires only 3-4 training days per week, lasting 45-60 minutes maximum. Perfect for people who cannot aI have found that I get best results with only 45 minutes. Its nice to still have time left to have a normal life.

Putting it all together

Truth About Six Pack Abs gives excellent details on:

* What to prioritize to reach your goals fastest
* Designing routines that suit *you*
* Choosing the best exercises, and how to do them
* Ultra-effective bodyweight exercise alternatives
* 'Secret weapon' exercises, which really gets the fat burning furnace going.


In my opinion, Mike saved the best for last:

* How to control blood sugar and insulin (worth the book's weight in gold!)
* Why not to follow crash/fad diets
* The truth about low carb diets
* What fats to eat to get lean
* How to balance your diet
* How often to eat and why
* Hidden evils in our food and what to avoid
* and more...

My opinion

The Truth About Six Pack Abs one of the few systems that I could follow forever. The workouts are short and not too frequent, and I can actually eat a decent amount of good food. I wholeheartedly recommend the program.

Some advice

Of course, for the system to work for you, you actually have to take action once you have the ebook. Also, don't *study* the book, but do read it a few times. Just don't delay actually following the advice until you think you understand everything - it took Mike years to develop the system! Just dive in and get started with the beginner routine after you read through the ebook once. Results come fast...

Article By Jackie

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